Walter Rudin Award


The Walter Rudin Award is presented yearly by the Mount Vernon Heritage Centre Association to the person who most exemplifies longtime commitment and dedication to downtown Mount Vernon and the HCA.


Walter Rudin receiving the Walter Rudin Award
in 2001

The following are the award recipients:

  • 2001 Walter Rudin
  • 2002 Sally Wright
  • 2003 Tom Metcalf
  • 2004 K. Allin Kahrl
  • 2005 Kay Culbertson
  • 2006 Barbara Barry
  • 2007 Corby Wise
  • 2008 Sara Pifer
  • 2009 Mayor Richard Mavis
  • 2010 Mark Ramser
  • 2011 John Ellis
  • 2012 Pat Crow



3 Responses to Walter Rudin Award

  1. Roger Salls says:

    The Rudin family is a class act. They have always shown people graciousness and respect…despite the lack of respect and honesty shown by others, as illustrated by the story above.

  2. Roger Salls says:

    Patti, The road may be muddy at times and not as well travelled but it is a better road.

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