I’m seeking information about any of these people.

Rudin Co. Employees 1941

Rudin Co. Employees 1941

Adams, Mamie (Mayme E.)
Anderson, Grace Hubble
Anderson, Grace K.
Armstrong, Marguerite
Baldwin, Robert. G.
Beckholt, Aileen
Bell, Naomi
Binckley, A. E.
Bintz, Robert
Bischoff, Hazel
Blubaugh, Helen
Blair, Helen
Booker, George
Boyd, Edna
Bragone, Ida
Branyon, Jessie
Bricker, Margaret
Briggs, Esther
Brillhart, Eleanor
Brown, Doris
Bryans, Mary Schoor
Burch, Wanda
Butler, Dale
Canning, Laurene
Carpenter, Polly
Champion, Marie
Chester, Bernice
Claggett, Miss Mildred
Claggett, Mildred
Cline, Dulce
Cluxton, W. D.
Corey, G. B.
Critchfield, Georgia
Crumrine, Maude
Cunningham, Mary
Cutler, Amanda
Cutler, Edith
Dean, Charles
Dennison, Betty
DeVillers, Beatrice
Dickson, Earl
Durbin, Cathryn
Dowds, Allen A.
Dyell, B. E.
Eagle, Forest
Eagle, Virginia
Earnest, Mellie
Edgell, W. E.
Erlanger, Minna
Fawcett, Ruth E.
Flaharty, Ella
Fesler, Mary
Foster, Harry
Foster II, James L.
Foster, Lovella
Fribley, Marie
Gaines, Thelma Cramer
Gost, Ellen
Goudy, John
Hall, Flora
Harris, Mildred
Hawkins, Ruth I.
Henwood, Dolly
Henwood, Emma
Hewitt, Susan (Donnelly)
Hildreth, Marjorie
Higgins, Marie
Hiles, Garnet
Hoffman, Helen
Horn, Dolores
Huggins, Olive
Hurps, Agnes
Jackson, Raymond
Jennings, Thelma
Johannes, Inez
Johnson, Edith
Johnson, Hiram
Kauffman, Mary
Kelly, Pauline
Kifer, Mrs. Edward
Kight, Jack
Kinsel, Virginia
Kilkenny, Ella
King, Jim
Kring, Sarah (Mrs. Cliff)
Kuhn, Grover
Kunkle, Genevieve
Kunkle, Geraldine
Kunkle, Lawrence
Kunkle, Mary Grace
Lamson, Ruth
Landy, Edith Miss
Lee, Emily H.
Lepley, Judy
Lewis, Elmer
Logsdon, Miss Esther
Logsdon, Esther
Lowden, John S.
Marquart, Madlyn
McCalla, Marilyn
McClay, Nell
McCord, Betty
McCrackin, Mary
McDonald, June
McDonald, Mildred
McGugin, Lena Alice
McKown, Robert
McMillan, Irene
Meekins, Helen
Metcalfe, Bob
Miller, Ralph
Mills, Betty
Mills, Louise
Minard, Lillian
Monroe, Henry C.
Morey, Lulu
Morey, Mae
Murphy, Erma
Neass, Edna
Nethers, Betty
Nixon, Eunice
Nixon, Lucy
Nolen, Mrs. John
Nuce, Polly
Page, Kitty
Parker, Stella
Parsons, Mrs. Jesse
Patterson, Charlene
Pipes, Mrs. Harry. V.
Potter, Roland H.
Pratt, Helen
Pratt, Judy
Ralston, Ethel W.
Ralston, Mrs. Paul
Richert, Dorothy E.
Robertson, Sylvia
Rowe, Frank
Ruggles, Marie
Ryan, Vivian
Schnittker, William
Schuller, Bernadine
Shaw, Hazel L.
Shellenbarger, Mae
Schultz, Phyllis
Schultz, V.
Shultz, Glenna
Sipe, Anna J.
Slaughter, Nettie
Smith, Karen
Smith, Meta
Spicer, Bess
Sprung, Pauline
Squires, Dorothy
Stamm, Alice M.
Tarr, Mrs. Grace
Taugher, Cecilia
Taylor, Sarah
Thatcher, Lucy
Thomas, Irene
Thompson, Beatrice
Tobin, Jennie L.
Tremirth, Helen
Tucker, Polly
VanRhoden, Mary A.
VanVoorhis, Ellen
Veatch, Irene
Vilain, Zena
Wagner, Helen L.
Ward, Virgina
Warman, Bessie
Warman, Francis L.
Warman, Mabel E.
Warman, Mrs. Arthur
Wintermute, Mrs. De. E.
Wintermute, Mrs. Ora
Winterringer, Miss Wilda
Wolf, Clara
Woolson, Rachel C.
Wright, Mary Lou


9 Responses to Employees

  1. Kathy Gamble says:

    Although she isn’t listed above, my mother, Olive Huggins, worked as a sales associate at Rudins and later Uhlmans from around 1961 – 1982. She also worked at Rudins sometime in the 1940s before I was born.

  2. Kathy Gamble says:

    Mom was all over the store. She worked with Miss Kaufman, and ended her career with Uhlman’s in that department. She was also in the Men’s wear annex. She was in the yarn department and since she was a knitter, she loved it. I think she even gave lessons. For a time she sold gloves and hosiery with Macel Miller and she was upstairs in the Children’s department as well as the bargain basement. I’m glad you are doing this. Rudin’s was a very special store. It was more than just a place of employment. Sorry I’m so late replying. I don’t check this very ofen.

  3. Kathy Gamble says:

    I think Mom, Olive Huggins, worked with Kitty Page when she was in the Children’s department. I’ll try to remember other co-workers. At the time, they were mom’s friends as well as co-workers and she chatted about therm often at home. I’ll try to remember some stories.

  4. Roxanna Metcalfe says:

    My husbands uncle Bob Metcalfe worked in the furniture department for years. Bob (Ash) died in 2002.

  5. Luanna Girten says:

    I remember Elizabeth Levering working in the office for a very long time.

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