That All Important Sales Clerk

Most books on department stores focus on the importance of the sales clerk. Sales clerks have a lot of power–they know the merchandise, know the customer, and are the link between the consumer and the manager. Especially in small town department stores and other independent businesses, they are key to the success of the store. Growing up in Mount Vernon, Ohio, in the 50s and 60s, there were sales clerks at Rudin’s that most everybody remembers because of their personalities, customer service, knowledge, and many other things.

What do you remember about a special sales clerk? Take this short poll to add to our community story.


About Patti Albaugh

I grew up in Mount Vernon, Ohio, and graduated from Mount Vernon High School in 1965. I have a Bachelor's Degree from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and a Ph.D. from The Ohio State University. I am an Emeritus Professor at Otterbein University. In addition to writing creative nonfiction and fiction, I like bridge, genealogy, gardening, travel and Mah Jjong. I currently live in Tucson, Arizona, with my dog Tonto. I am the proud parent of children Justin and Amy and the proud grandmother (NANA) of granddaughters Katherine and Zoe.
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4 Responses to That All Important Sales Clerk

  1. Alverda Ball Boyce says:

    When I was about 5 or 6 I saw a doll at Rudin’s that I wanted. It was $5.00. I had saved 500 pennies so I wanted to buy the doll. My mother tried to give me $5.00 in exchange for the 500 pennies but I wouldn’t have it. She talked to the clerk whose name I don’t remember to say I wanted to pay for the doll with my 500 pennies and the the clerk very graciously took the 500 pennies and I still have the doll.

    • Alverda…what a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing. And to think you still have the doll!

      • Alverda Ball Boyce says:

        Wouldn’t give her up for anything. Also Patti on your website I noticed you have written a new book “The Ups and Downs of Miss Margaret Landings.” I have purchased it for my Kindle an am looking forward to reading it. I don’t know if you remember but you were in the bookstore in Mt. Vernon a couple of years ago and we spoke. I had purchased the book you had written about your father and loved reading it. I was a year behind you at MVHS. I am living now in Virginia but get back to Mt. Vernon as often I can. I will be visiting again in July and I hope the store is still there. I think is is called ” The Page Turner.” I’ll write again after I finish the book It’s next on my list to read.

  2. Alverda…thank you so much for purchasing “The Ups and Downs…”. As you read you should recognize some of the places in Mount Vernon. I’ll be in Mount Vernon also, the end of July. Safe travels.

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